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How to keep you love safe in long distance from farmers dating website

I have the clear ideas about how worry are you about your new lover who meet from farmers dating website but you are living in the different places more than 300 miles and only living together no more than 4 days per month, you are concerned about that and hoped there will some ways to help you keep that love in farmer dating.

Lily, one of my friends in Kansas, her boyfriends is a farmer who living in a farm have the 500 miles away between them, and could only seeing each other no more than 3 days per month because Lily working as a saleswoman in that city over 3 years since she graduated from the university. I also felt so strange about what are they doing to keep that love so good and living better than before, I can’t help asking the reason why from Lily, she sink in quit for a minute and speak softly to me about it.

Firstly, Lily once to lived in his farm over ten days, in these days she have a clear idea about what are they doing daily in farm, and what their time schedules in a day, for example, as a common non-agricultural people, you are reading books, enjoy the meals with family members or friends in 8 pm while the single farmers are always keep their work especially in the harvest seasons they would delayed their dinner to the 10 pm, it is common. So, she make an agreement with her boyfriend that only have the talking time after 9 pm per day so as to keep her boyfriends was lying on the bed and some food filled his stomach as well.

Secondly, Sharing something is important. I convinced that there are many people have the prejudice about farmer that they are only work on the countryside and can’t have the able to reading some meaningful books like psychological book or something interested. While, things could beyond your expectation that most of the single farmers who age no more than 46 years old, half of them have the college degree so you don’t worried about how hard when they read a book, just seek the same interests between yours.

Finally, keep the interests each other all the time is important while it also should be thought as the basic of the farmer love, only hold it on you could do other things better after you met the best one from farmers dating sites.

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